Blew the breaker, which powered our freezer, at nearly 4:30pm.  We were pretty worried.  Found this company online, had great reviews, thus gave them a phone call.   Very professional, quick, reasonable price, and overall nice guy.

Justin West 

Tanya Cox

I highly recommend this company.  I contacted them to help install some switches and outlets.  They were very reliable and prompt and even helped to fix a few problems found with our aluminum wiring. Greatly appreciate their service.

I have hired this company many times and they have been on-tie, reliable and courteous always. The work was done very nicely.

Kate Carter

Kristine James

Try this company if you need an electrician. You’ll get a very clear explanation about the services offered. I just hired them today and I’m very pleased with their work quality and reasonable price.  

I called this company on a Saturday thinking I would not be capable to get anybody out until Monday, however this company’s electrician was capable to come in an hour only without additional 'emergency' fee. Was able to identify and also fix GFI outlet issue immediately and with excellent customer service.

Ann Davidson 

Sparky Gomez

This company was amazing! High quality people, who completely know their craft, do the service faultlessly, clean up, are priced fairly and always live up to hype of their online reviews. Thanks for a job done so well!!!

I used this company to fix a major problem caused by other electrician.  Their electrician was a decent, reliable and knowledgeable guy with great work ethics to do the things right.  I cannot praise them highly enough, and I’ll always be thankful to them for fixing our issue.

Tim Murray

Tiffany Wells 

The tech from this company did a professional and clean job for VERY reasonable rates. He explained the whole process to me prior to starting the work. Thus I was highly satisfied with his job.   Thanks!

I'd recommend this company highly, and am glad to have found this company. They were very responsive, picked the phone in my very first call and came next morning to accomplish the work. They were polite, fast and professional.

Manny Gibson 

Maddie Levis

Just completed Solar electric installation. Required to upgrade the sub panel before starting.  This company submitted a bid and they got the job.  The electrician who came was professional. I would recommend them for your electrical jobs.

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