We are friendly, professional and quick electricians who specialize in domestic, industrial and commercial sectors of electrical industry. Electrician University Place well known as 24-hours emergency electrician experts.
University Place Electrician know that power, communications and lighting play an imperative role in the everyday running of your businesses and homes across the University Place and that electrical accidents can severely affect your home life or productivity.  Unfortunately, electrical issues can occur any time, day or night. So, we offer a suitable 24/7 electrician service and solution.
Our mobile vehicles are well equipped and prepared to see to all your electrical repairs at a short notice. Our electricians are highly experienced at faults finding, and are highly qualified to find source of your lighting, power, air conditioning unit or hot water issue, efficiently and quickly.

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Our electric experts can help you with greatest product efficiency, additional peace of mind and increased home comfort. We really care about you.

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Efficient AND SAFE installation 

We offer you safe and efficient installation of electrical wire for all kind of residential and commercial purpose. When comes to electrical work, safety is the most important thing

Industrial operations frequently continue 24*7 and any electrical issues can halt all the work and even cost lots of money to your company. The best method to avoid it is to use our professional company to do regular maintenance on the electrical systems, assisting us to avoid issues before they occur. If you encounter an electrical issue in the mid of the day or even night, give a call to us. We’ll send one of our well equipped mobile vehicles with our experienced electrician who will endeavor to resolve any issues as rapidly as possible, ensuring that you are operational with minimum downtime. 
With a big office block or warehouse, locating the cause of any electrical fault may be costly and timely. Our electricians are well experienced and trained in finding and repairing faults easily and quickly. 
When your home is plunged in darkness, mid children’s homework and mid-dinner, you want a crew who can fix the problem professionally and restore electricity and your normal routine. When you’re looking for quick electrical repairs, day or night, call our specialist.
Our electricians have the know how and experience to ensure that your work is done correctly.  Electrician University Place WA dedicated to offering ideal solutions to all your electrical requirements. So, contact us!

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